CBD e-Cartridge System

Due to the increase of vaping in the general public and the CBD community, nutravape recommends the 100mg 1ml flavoured E-Liquid vape pen.

Designed with both the vaping community and CBD users alike in mind, the cartridge-based system makes CBD more accessible to our customers.

This CBD delivery system has been developed with a high concentration, pure CBD E-Liquid to effectively target the endocannabinoid system upon each use.

Our vape system uses an E-Liquid that is fully batch traceable to meet regulatory standards and to give confidence to our customers in the quality of our product, every step has been made to supply the highest quality product that nutracrest can to its end user.

This easy to setup, cost effective and simple to use E-Liquid vape pen has been developed into a high quality high standard delivery system in house by our R&D team.

The nutravape e-Cartridge system delivers effective, fast acting CBD.

  • 100mg high concentration of pure CBD for hard hitting effects
  • Cartridge based vaporiser, with extended battery life
  •  Menthol flavour that guarantees an untainted taste


The e-Pen is unique is its concentration - a full 100mg of pure CBD. Formulated over 3 years of testing, this cartridge-based system delivers CBD to your endocannabinoid system in one of the most efficient and effective ways - vaporising.

Ease of use

Designed for ease of use, the e-Pen uses a self-contained cartridge - battery - USB charging combination for those needing CBD on the move. Available as a starter kit, the 1ml cartridges are also available individually. For more experienced vapers, please see our refill range.

1 strength, multiple benefits

Our CBD is formulated into a menthol flavoured PG / VG e-liquid which has been specifically designed in conjunction with a leading UK e-Liquid manufacturer. The result is smooth vaping experience, with no bitter aftertaste that many other CBD products suffer from.