CBD e-liquid Refills

With such a large increase in vapers and CBD users looking for a CBD delivery system in the style of a vape product, we have listened to our customers and developed a CBD e-liquid refill. Designed to be used by the average, every day vaper. 

Nutravape CBD e-liquid refills contain no sweeteners (as seems to be a large concern within the vaping community).

We bring you this effective, reliable and cost-effective CBD delivery system. 

These refills can be used in MTL devices and DTL devices, with measurements per bottle as well as per mg of CBD, per ml of liquid. 

Our refills contain no THC and as such have no psychotropic or hallucinogenic effects on the end user.

Our CBD e-liquid refills use a 99.5% pure CBD for our refills which are also independently tested so that we can be sure only the best quality product is supplied to our customers.

The result is a smooth enjoyable vape, untainted by unnecessary after-tastes or discolouration with a consistent measurement of CBD on each use.

  • 3 concentrations
  • Blueberry, Kiwi, Menthol, Strawberry and Tropical flavours
  • Unflavoured
  • 30ml dropper bottle

Our formulas are simple, uncomplicated and concentrated. A combination of Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), flavouring and pure CBD (99.5%), are all that are used in our E-Liquid refills which also contain no sweeteners. 

With 3 concentrations 15mg/ml, 30mg/ml and 50mg/ml, the liquid comes in 30ml dropper bottles for easy application into your device of choice.