Our History


Nutracrest Ltd. is a UK based company that has evolved into one of the leading companies in the field of botanical extractions and purification.

Nutracrest was established in 2017 as a separate company from its sister company Jaytee Biociences Ltd. to allow it to separately pursue the botanicals business outside of the Jaytee Biosciences shell. Since 2013 Jaytee Biosciences have been at the forefront in the research and development of botanical extractions and downstream processes. Jaytee Biosciences was and is still the UK’s largest independent HPLC, GC and Mass Spectrometry Service and validation company.

The expertise in analytical techniques led to a collaboration with a customer who wanted to extract and isolate CBD from the hemp plant. Our technical team at Jaytee included scientists with specialist knowledge in isolating active compounds from plants and microorganisms and this allowed us to help our customer in the process to extract and isolate CBD from hemp. We developed the first commercial processes to extract, isolate and purify CBD to a level of 99.5% purity. Nutracrest Ltd. continues this process and has extraction facilities and purification expertise that it can use for prospective customers.

As well as the chemistry skills from our Jaytee pedigree we also have the expertise to analyse what we make and confirm the purity and in-process status of the various processes that we develop and use. Our expertise includes but is not limited to organic and aqueous extractions, specialist distillations, Process scale purification by chromatography, filtration and phase separations, process chemical and conditional modifications, and isolation techniques to give pure products or products with a specific chemical profile.


Our Future

We look forward to working with companies that need help in these areas and would be happy to discuss ways that Nutracrest could work and develop a commercial arrangement with prospective customers. 

2004 – 2011



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Established by a group of UK scientists in 2017, Nutracrest strives to offer CBD products that you can trust.

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None of our CBD products are intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.


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