About Us

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As a group of UK scientists, we decided set up nutracrest in 2017 in order to bring to market a collection of products that give the CBD consumer an informed choice.

Realising that the marketplace is full of untested products, with often no or little provenance, we are committed to assured CBD products that customers can trust. Our concept is to provide a system that delivers known, concentrated levels of CBD to you, effectively and cost-effectively.


Instead of using CBD derived from hemp oil, we have taken the decision to source a pure form of CBD that is fully traceable and high in purity. Why? Because having analysed other products on the market, we quickly realised that:

  1. The levels of CBD present in hemp oil are too low to have any significant remedial effect
  2. The low levels of CBD were carefully over inflated to give the user a false impression
  3. Absolute CBD levels derived from hemp oil are hard to identify

We want you to have confidence in what you buy, knowing precisely how much CBD is present in each formulation, whilst also seeing positive effects.

To reinforce our purity pledge, every batch of liquid comes with a Certificate of Analysis from an independent laboratory – proof that what we say you are buying is exactly that.

Product Lines

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We currently offer two ranges for the vaping market under our brand nutravape® - refills and cartridge system. By offering a more concentrated pen based product, users can easily and quickly introduce CBD whilst on the move. our refills offer a more cost-effective and flexible solution. The refill range comes in 5 flavours (and unflavoured) and in both 10ml and 30ml.


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With two current oil brands - Omega-3 Hemp and Apricot Kernel, nutracrest is committed to developing products that are at the forefront of wellbeing.

Packaged in both a 10ml and 30ml dropper, the current oil lines come in a variety of concentrations to suit your needs.


nutracrest Therapeutics

Therapeutic Products (New November 2019)
Introducing 3 new new therapeutics in 2019, the range includes creams and relief products.

Ranging from a 200mg serum up to a 500mg body butter and relief spray, this collection assures skin based CBD delivery.

Also included in the range is our bath salt product, developed for those who may like to relax with a little CBD. Packaged in a pot of 75g salt, they come in 8 fragrances and are infused with 50mg of pure, natural CBD in apricot oil.